Olive in the Dungeon

“Olive in the Dungeon”
Starring Olive, Marilyn Moore


Opening on a dark dungeon Olive is straining herself looking for a way to get out of the overhead handcuffs holding her petite wrists securely in place.

Olive’s jet black hair is braided behind her ears and offsetting her big perky tits clad in a bright pink bikini. She’s standing on her tip-toes and pleading with her captor and asking to “please let me free!” as her bright blue bikini clad captor in a sexual game gone wrong continues to flog her body as Olive cries in terror.

The bikini clad captor, Marilyn, ignores her wishes and rubs her hands all over her silky smooth skin stopping at her plump breasts rubbing them and pulling back her bikini and freeing her big juicy tits. Olive looks away but it doesn’t get her any closer to her coveted freedom.

Marilyn tells Olive she is going to need to pay up for the treachery she committed in their friendship, she leaves Olive tied up in the basement to think about what she’s done while checking on her pot roast. Headed back downstairs to further torture Olive, Marilyn ties Olive up to a rack and now with both her feet and arms tied up while her mouth is gagged!

Now, more than ever, Olive feels like she is done for and doesn’t know if she will ever make it out and away from her captor. Olive kicks her feet about so terrified as she is laid under a giant pendulum that Marilyn uses to further manipulate and scare Olive.

 Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, BDSM, Partial Nudity, AOH, Pleading, Whimpering, Bikini, Body Views, Foot Views.


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