Aspen Bound and Gagged

“Aspen Bound and Gagged”
Starring Aspen Ora


Aspen is in the bathroom getting ready for a fun night out with her girlfriends slipping on her pantyhose when suddenly and intruder pops out of no where shoving a rag over her mouth pulling her back to the bed sitting the hot little blonde on his lap. He tells her to keep her mouth shut and he will remove the rag and asks if she’s going to comply and she nods in agreement.

The intruder slowly caresses her body rubbing her legs tracing up to her pussy where he gives it a stroke before tying her arms up with black duct tape and adding some to her mouth for good measure. When he’s done he flips her body over rubbing her silky panty hose covered legs and then bends her legs up exposing her sexy lacy blue panties and he gives that ass a nice smack.

The intruder pulls her stockings off so he can reach her soft feet rubbing them for a moment and caressing her legs. But after having her sit up he decides he wants Aspen to put the panty hose on once more in a super slow fashion.

Pulling the sexy minx onto his lap he sticks his big hands down her pants one more time rubbing her pussy as she moans even while gagged.

The intruder isn’t done there though, he lays Aspen back onto the bed and wraps her up in a grey bed sheet binding her up with the black tape and carries her over his shoulder to the basement for some more XXX fun!

Fetish Elements:  Sexual Content, Fondling, Bound and Gagged, BDSM, Panty hose, Carrying, Fingering, Body Views, Foot Views.


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Marilyn in the Dungeon

“Marilyn in the Dungeon”
Starring Marilyn Moore and Aspen Ora


Opening on a dark dungeon Marilyn is straining herself looking for a way to get out of the black leather overhead cuffs holding her petite wrists securely in place.

Marilyn’s blonde hair is falls just over her shoulders offsetting her big perky tits covered by her bright blue bikini. She’s standing on her tip-toes and pleading with her captor, Aspen, asking for her to “please let me free!” as her captor continues to flog Marilyn as moans in fear in a BDSM game gone wrong.

The lavender bikini captor, Aspen, ignores her wishes and rubs her hands all over her silky smooth skin stopping at her plump breasts rubbing them and pulling back her bikini and freeing her big juicy tits, “what’s wrong? you’ve never been naked?” Aspen taunts. Marilyn looks away but it doesn’t get her any closer to her coveted freedom.

Aspen tells Marilyn she is going to need to pay up for the treachery she committed in their friendship, she leaves Marilyn tied up in the basement to think about what she’s done. Headed back downstairs to further torture Marilyn, Aspen ties her up to a rack and now with both her feet and arms tied up while her mouth is gagged!

Now, more than ever, Marilyn feels like she is done for and doesn’t know if she will ever make it out and away from her captor. Marilyn kicks her feet about so terrified as she is laid under a giant pendulum that Aspen uses to further manipulate and scare Marilyn.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Bikini’s, Medical Fetish, Medical, Tit’s, Body Views, Foot Views.


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1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format

Turning the Tables

“Turning the Tables”
Starring Olive and Stephanie Staar


We open on Stephanie who is tied up by her petite wrists to the ceiling of a dark basement. She is struggling to break free standing on her tip toes trying to loosen the handcuffs but nothing is helping. Her captor, Olive, is walking circles around Stephanie flogging her body and scaring her as she casually runs her hands across Stephanie’s fresh milky skin clad in a sexy black bikini.

Olive unties Stephanie’s black bikini top exposing her perky breasts and flogging Stephanie across the body again as she winces in pain.

After grabbing Stephanie’s ass and having her fun Olive agress to let Stephanie down so she can move her into a different room for some more fun but in the process Stephanie uses the handcuffs to her advantage and pulls back around Olive’s neck promising she’s the one who is going to be sorry now.

Olive is now chained up to the ceiling taking the place of Stephanie and my how the tables have turned!

“Please don’t do this to me!” Olive begs but Stephanie pays no attention to her and keeps having fun giggling to herself now that she isn’t tied up any longer. Stephanie gets her revenge as she now unties Olive’s blue bikini top asking her how she likes it.

Olive begs for Stephanie to stop pleading she will do anything she wants, “just don’t humiliate me,” she says.

Stephanie continues to have fun with Olive, how far will she take it next…

 Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Big Tits, Foot Job, Body Play, Body Views, Ass Views, Foot Views.


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1920X1080 HD Quality MP4 Format