Aspen Bound and Gagged

“Aspen Bound and Gagged”
Starring Aspen Ora


Aspen is in the bathroom getting ready for a fun night out with her girlfriends slipping on her pantyhose when suddenly and intruder pops out of no where shoving a rag over her mouth pulling her back to the bed sitting the hot little blonde on his lap. He tells her to keep her mouth shut and he will remove the rag and asks if she’s going to comply and she nods in agreement.

The intruder slowly caresses her body rubbing her legs tracing up to her pussy where he gives it a stroke before tying her arms up with black duct tape and adding some to her mouth for good measure. When he’s done he flips her body over rubbing her silky panty hose covered legs and then bends her legs up exposing her sexy lacy blue panties and he gives that ass a nice smack.

The intruder pulls her stockings off so he can reach her soft feet rubbing them for a moment and caressing her legs. But after having her sit up he decides he wants Aspen to put the panty hose on once more in a super slow fashion.

Pulling the sexy minx onto his lap he sticks his big hands down her pants one more time rubbing her pussy as she moans even while gagged.

The intruder isn’t done there though, he lays Aspen back onto the bed and wraps her up in a grey bed sheet binding her up with the black tape and carries her over his shoulder to the basement for some more XXX fun!

Fetish Elements:  Sexual Content, Fondling, Bound and Gagged, BDSM, Panty hose, Carrying, Fingering, Body Views, Foot Views.


PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.
Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format


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